Day 6 – Estella to Los Arcos

Another great day on the Camino as I made the ~14 mile walk to Los Arcos. Weather was sunny, overcast, rainy, warm, cool, etc. Typical weather in this part of Spain. It seems that each day I get a bit more comfortable with the distance.

It seems to me that the crowd of pilgrims has thinned a bit since earlier in the week. Probably due to that fact that everyone walks at a somewhat different pace and some are walking more or less than my average 15 miles per day. Also, it is clear that some pilgrims have dropped out with physical ailments of one sort or another.

Despite the thinning out, I have had a chance to meet more fellow pilgrims. Had a nice dinner with the couple from Switzerland that is traveling with their dog (the dog had a previous engagement, so she could not join us).;-)  Breakfast this morning was with a Danish fellow about my age and his adult daughter. Met Sergio on the trail and walked for about an hour together; he is a senior at university in Barcelona studying Electrical Engineering. Everyone I meet has been very friendly, and it is a real pleasure to have some company in what can be a lonely journey.

The walk today took me past an abbey early in the morning. This abbey’s special mission is to offer wine instead of water from a spigot to pilgrims as a refreshment and blessing on their journey. I’ve included some pictures below.

Tomorrow, I have an longer walk to Logrono, but then I will take an extra day there to rest my feet.

8 thoughts on “Day 6 – Estella to Los Arcos

  1. Love your posts, Chris! Especially like to hear about your fellow pilgrims and the wine fountain! What an experience you are having!


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