Day 8 – Logrono


Not much to share today as I spent a day of rest here in Logrono. I filled the day with a little shopping, strolls through the town’s lovely parks, reading, and napping. I included a couple of pictures…one of a massive stork nest on a tower in the riverside park and the other a festive street scene near my hotel. If you look closely you can see the result of cottonwood trees raining “snow” on strollers in the early evening! Feel very well rested for a long 18 mile hike to Najera tomorrow.

Since my blog today is thin, I want to share a story my sister, Amy, found about a young musician who lugged his cello on the Camino playing impromptu concerts in churches along the way. Thought you all might be interested in the article and a brief trailer for a movie that is opening soon. You can find information at the link below…



4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Logrono

  1. Are you tired yet?? How’s the wine 🙂 Scenery looks spectacular!!
    I’m amazed at what you’ve done and ultimately what you will accomplish at the completion.
    It’s fun to follow your journey, thanks for taking the time to update!


    1. Thx for your thoughts Jeff…always good to hear from friends back home. I’m holding up well physically. I’m in the wine making region of Rioja now so wine good and inexpensive!


  2. Well hello Chris , Gerard from Dublin here home safe and sound feeling great to have completed part 1 of our 4 year plan to Santiago, I enjoyed our chat thanks for the company. Good luck with the rest of your journey and remember fortune favours the brave.


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