Day 13 – San Juan to Burgos

The trip from San Juan began with a cool clear morning walking through high pastures and little towns. One such small village was Atapuerca where some of the earliest human remains have found dating back over 1 million years.

Heading into Burgos, a large city, I encountered the now familiar urban trail which was a soul-less 3 mile slog through commercial zones and graffiti filled buildings. Fortunately it was worth it. The Burgos town center is a gem of interesting old buildings, shops, and public green space.

Met up with Hans again, and had dinner with he and another fellow from the US which was great.

Day 14 is my day off 🙂 so I plan to explore the beautiful gothic cathedral Santa Marie and generally rest up.

8 thoughts on “Day 13 – San Juan to Burgos

  1. Great pictures Chris. Loved the Carosel! Enjoy your rest day. You are doing so much walking, hope you can really rest! Sending love from Indiana. Mark’s heading to the race, its going to be hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms all weekend!! Hope there are no “rain delays” at the Indy 500!!


  2. Those early human remains are probably your neanderthal relatives! Beautiful pictures! Have a good rest today!


  3. Looks like the weather has gotten a lot better. Enjoy the rest day, sunshine and your visit to Cathedral de Santa Maria XIII. There’s a discount for pilgrims!

    When you leave Burgos, be sure to take the path that goes through the park. You’ll recognize the tree-lined path and gate you’ll walk through. This is the scene in “The Way” where the gypsy boy carries Martin Sheen’s back pack.

    Thanks for all the updates Chris. Love reading about your daily adventures.


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