Day 18 – Frómista to Carrión de Los Condes

Today promised to be one of the lighter walking days of the trip at about 12 miles. For that reason, I chose an alternate path that was more scenic for a portion of the hike that only added about a mile overall. After about 5 miles, the clouds opened up and it rained with intermittent lightning for the rest of the hike.

Saw some interesting sites including a beautiful poplar forest and a round stone structure where pigeons or doves were kept in the Middle Ages. At Villalcázar, I visited a Knights Templar church, Santa Maria la Virgin Blanc, to wait out a thunderstorm. That gave me an opportunity to see an interesting retablo depicting Santiago’s (Saint James) life from his time with Christ to his beheading and then transfer of his body to Galacia in northern Spain.

Arrived in Carrión de Los Condes just as the skies cleared up which is great. With the sun out, I can dry out my gear before tomorrow’s walk. My hotel in Carrión is directly across from the Iglesia de Santa Maria del Camino. Looks like there will be a guitar concert there this evening that I will check out.



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