Day 20 – Calzadilla de la Cueva to Sahagun

My walk today to Sahagun done in overcast, windy, but dry conditions was significant as I am now more than halfway toward my goal of Santiago de Compostela! Feels good to have made it this far in good physical shape and good spirits.

Along the route today, I passed through several small villages and noticed that many of the buildings are made out of mud. I am traveling through a grain-growing area, and it appears that mud is mixed with the chaff left over from the grain harvests to make bricks. Once the mud brick walls are put up, they are sometimes smeared over with mortar to make them more waterproof.

Also passed by “bodegas” which are burrowed into the side of hills. Originally used in the wine making process, the bodegas are now used like root cellars. I’ve included a picture and you will notice what appear to be chimneys and antennae which makes me think that some of these bodegas have been turned into real man caves. 😉

3 thoughts on “Day 20 – Calzadilla de la Cueva to Sahagun

  1. Congratulations on being halfway there, Chris! Love your daily blog-keep up the good work!

    Mary Carol


  2. Chris, thanks for the daily updates and reminders.

    BTW, in Leon, there is a pilgrim’s mass at 7:00 at Basilica de San Isidoro. I got invited to read the blessing in English. Hope you do too.


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