Day 21 – Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero

My walk today was unremarkable since I am still traveling through the flat meseta. Rain earlier in the day changed to beautiful clear skies for my stay in the very small village of El Burgo Ranero.

Crossed a bridge at the beginning of the day that dates back to Roman times spanning a fast-moving river. Also, I am seeing more of the mud/straw brick construction that I mentioned on Day 20. In fact, the albergue (dormitory style lodging used by budget-minded pilgrims) across from my hotel is completely constructed of mud/straw bricks. I met a fellow who is staying there and he confirmed that the inside walls are also mud/straw. Only the showers are tiled over to keep the water from eroding the walls, and getting pilgrims more dirty than they were before showering!

Not much else to report today. I have two more days walking the meseta before I arrive in Leon where I will spend an extra day for rest and sight seeing. From that point on I will be on more familiar ground. I cycled from Leon to Santiago de Compostela five years ago with my XU friends, Pete and John.

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