Day 32 – O’Cebreiro to Triacastela

It was great to see the sun when I got out of bed in O’Cebreiro this morning! Was finally able to get some great pictures of this ancient village and surrounding landscape.

As of yesterday, I am now officially in the Galacia region which has has some distinct Celtic influences. My walk to Triacastela was fairly easy today. I had a little bit of climbing but the trek was mostly downhill.

On the way down from the heights of O’Cebreiro, I passed by the Monumento do Peregrino (pilgrim monument) on a peak with a nice vista. As I continued walking, I was reminded of a point I made on Day 2 regarding the Camino as an easement. Pilgrims encountered cows at several points on the trail today as farmers were driving small herds between paddocks. At one point, a group of us was compelled to yield the right-of-way to a tractor heading in the opposite direction on the trail.

I am now the small village of Triacastela and tomorrow I head to Sarria which is a popular starting point for pilgrims seeking earn the “Compostela” certificate with the shortest possible to Santiago.

4 thoughts on “Day 32 – O’Cebreiro to Triacastela

  1. Your are getting really close now Chris.

    Any closer to answering this: “After almost 38 years in the IT profession, I left my traditional career in search of a “second act” – a new set of goals and different way of life. I chose the Camino de Santiago as a focal point for my transition because it offers a combination of adventure, physical challenge, and spiritual renewal.”

    Or maybe you’re just finding new questions!

    Buen Camino, Chris!


  2. the pictures are beautiful!!!! … so many memories.. dont forget your certificate!!! have you been getting your passport stamped? How many stamps have you gotten.. I m getting mine framed now along with the shell. Love and prayers !!


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