Day 33 – Triacastela to Sarria

I met a fellow American, Robert from Charlotte, on the trail yesterday and had a nice dinner with him last night in Triacastela after the pilgrim mass. He is an interesting guy about my age who is also traveling solo. Hoping to connect with him in Santiago de Compostela for a celebratory bourbon next Saturday!

My walk today was a relatively easy 12 miles and for the second day in a row I walked without getting wet. There were two routes available and I chose the one that was a little shorter, steeper, but with better vistas.

Sarria is a work-a-day town with a small, but nice, old town. I ended up in a hotel that has a great restaurant where I had a chance to have to a couple of really good meals. At the end of the evening a friendly American couple from Baltimore came into the bar and I got to know them over drinks. Hope to see them again on the trail tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I am off to Portomarín, a small town that has an interesting history that I will talk about in tomorrow’s blog.

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