Day 36 – Palas de Rei to Arzua

The Galacia region that I am currently walking in is not full of peaks, but rather characterized by constant rolling hills. The weary pilgrim must go up and down continually until reaching his/her destination for the day.

Such was the case for my walk today under mercifully clear skies and cool temps. I walked 18 miles through scenic hamlets and fragrant eucalyptus forests. I’ve included pictures that I hope capture some of these scenes.

I feel grateful to have completed the 18 or so miles today in good shape. My destination Arzua did not retain much of its ancient roots, but I have had a good experience here nonetheless. Great meal at the albergue near my hostel – perhaps the best of my time here in Spain.

I now feel well-fortified for the remaining 2 stages that will lead me to Santiago de Compostela on Friday!



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