Day 37 – Arzua to Rau

We had what was easily the best day weather-wise on the Camino since I started on May 9th. Temps have been in the mid-70s all day with constant sun, clear air, and a slight breeze…perfect for walking.

I had a relatively short walk today which went very quickly since I happened to reconnect with Dennis who I saw last on Day 28. He is a very friendly fellow whose company makes the time fly.

Upon reaching Rau, I realized that my hostel for the evening was some miles off the trail. Someone from Casa de Agua picked me up and drove me to hostel which I learned is a 350 year nobleman’s house that has been tastefully converted into an inn. It is really a beautiful setting in the hills surrounded by pine and eucalyptus forests that reminds me of Vermont. I immediately sensed that the place was empty, and that was confirmed through some Google Translate dialog with “Jose”. Apparently a crowd of pilgrims are coming tomorrow. It’s a little weird, but I have this entire inn to myself…no other guests and no staff…out in the middle of nowhere. Had a very pleasant afternoon reading in the sun in the tranquil yard, and Jose will fetch me at 8PM for dinner.

What can I say; the Camino is full of surprises!

Friday is my last day of walking. I plan to be ready for Jose to take me back to the the trail head at 6AM so I can arrive in Santiago in time for the noon pilgrim mass.

4 thoughts on “Day 37 – Arzua to Rau

  1. Congratulations Chris on your journey…. the mass is amazing…!,…. I’ll be thinking of you ..Prayers for all of us please…. Great job Safe trip home… i know Beth , Claire and Kyle are excited for your return Anne


    1. Thx for your thoughts Anne! Pls know that i have been praying for you and Ed. Check out the video attached to Day 38 blog for short video of the butofumeiro!


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