Day 25 – Leon to Vilar de Mazarife

Before I leave the topic of Leon, I want to say a few words about the custom of siesta in Spain. Whether large town or small hamlet, Spain basically shuts down for a period of time in late afternoon. Cafes are still open, but almost everything else…shops, public buildings, and services…close down for at least a couple of hours. I noticed that even the impressive fountain in Leon’s Plaza de San Domingo shut down for siesta! Things come back to life in late afternoon with dinner served very late in the day.

The weather was beautiful for today’s walk with warm sun but fairly cool temperatures. The flat meseta is now behind me and I am walking through wide open scrub land called “paramo” with some rolling hills and dotted with occasional small villages. My destination, Vilar de Mazarife, is a very small town, but I am fortunate to have a very nice room in a lodging that is part albergue and part hostel.


Enjoyed a nice surprise in Vilar de Mazarife. The town held an all out fiesta for the feast of Corpus Christi. The event started with some nice traditional Spanish dancing and lots of families with children attending. Later in the evening, a stage band took over with popular music for the younger set. I heard the music on and off all through the night from my hostel several blocks away, and saw the remnants of the hard core partiers this morning when I walked out of town at 7AM! I’ve included several pictures below.

Off to Astorga on Sunday for what is billed as an 18+ mile walk.

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